Covid-19 update

As corona virus has became an epidemic our staffs are currently working remotely. We believe that it is essential to have people working as Covid-19 continues to spread around the world. Please keep in mind that every staff member is working independently; thus, it may take some time to answer your emails and questions through our emails. In addition, teachers are given a free pass to cancel their classes with more relaxed laws if they, or their loved ones, are sick an need some time off. We ask you to keep an open mind as we are all in this together.

On the other hand, we keep providing you with the best services that you deserve. Our classes are on-going and more children and teachers are welcome to join us. As this situation progresses, we will try our best to keep you informed about our decisions as we progress. To sum up, we are continuing our business as usual. There is no need to worry about anything when it come to your Tutykid classes.

Please welcome our mascot Cuby to our classrooms.

It's a Bird! It's a Plane! No, it’s Cuby!

Cuby is a great addition to our classes as he manages to stay in classes to entertain the students. Cuby is a Tutkykid student who manages to learn with children in classes and keep them entertained. He can swim, jump, and run just like us. We hope he becomes your child’s best friend.

Cuby starts as a young cub in our entry classes. He grows up with the students in our classrooms. Our course coordinator Eva said, “It is essential to have him participate in every lesson. As imaginary character, he can do things that our human characters can’t. My favourite memory of Cuby is when he joined our team.” We feel the same about Cuby as Eva. Our hope is that your children will love and cherish him as much as we do.

Tutykid has officially started its business.

Congratulations to all Tutykid staff and partners!

We are currently open for business in limited countries. Our staffs hard work has finally paid off. Starting with 20 pre-registered students. Tutykid has reach to some European and Middle Eastern countries. We have managed to attract more than 20 pre-registered students for the start. We estimate our growth to be exponential and soon reach out to other counties as well. Our teachers are eager to see more students in their classes and so do we.

“I am happy to finally see a diverse group of students in my classes. I feel like everyday is a blessing; thanks to Tutykid.” teacher Jenny wrote. We also feel optimistic to reach out to new people as soon as possible and have a more diverse environment in our classrooms.

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