What is Tutykid?

Tutykid is a new generation teaching platform for teaching English to children. Our platform is designed to function from the comfort of your home where you can monitor it for every use. Our function is to connecting best quality teachers from North America to students from all over the world. Our teachers serve as your child’s best friend; placing your child in an environment where they can thrive and grow naturally with pure English accents. We have more that 7 years experience teaching children online. We take pride of what we do and we hope you see the value of our efforts in your everyday activities as well. We strive to enhance our services to our clients on daily bases.

Our promise

At Tutykid, we strive to bring constant perfect quality teaching to our costumers. Our aim is to shorten distances and bring quality teachers and students together. We aim to bring quality English, including a pure accent, to your house. knowing that you child is safe and sound from the problems of the world outside, you can rest assured your child will grow knowledgeable and smart. Our endeavour is uplifting the teaching quality standard all over the globe and bring this planet together.
Your satisfaction is our promise!

Our vision

With parent’s expectations shifting in today’s digital world, we’ve been on a journey to enhance our online platform to satisfy our costumers all around the globe. Bringing new technologies and creating an exceptional digital educational experience is only part of our strategy. We fundamentally believe that in order to stay connected with parents and maintain our good image, we need to reimagine the role we play in our child’s life.
Our success as a company is defined by the long-term well-being of the people that we serve, the places in which we operate, and the planet that we will leave to future generations.

Our businesses

Tutykid is strictly involved in educational business. Our business model is based on teaching the best quality English from Native speakers to people around the globe. We hope through our teaching and entertainment children can acquire the knowledge needed for their daily lives. Please visit our website for more information regarding our business model.
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